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Guide to learn coorgi or Kodava language

 Here's some good news for all those who were looking for a book to learn Coorgi or the Kodava language. The Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy has brought out a book which makes it easy to learn Coorgi or Kodava language. This book has Kodava words with meaning/pronunciation in Kannada, English, Hindi and even in Roman and International Phonetics.  You can order online at
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What's special about Coorg Coffee?

Coorg Coffee is one of the most sought products. With the number of people visiting Coorg on the rise and also the access to internet, the popularity of Coorg coffee has been increasing greatly. Coorg has been known as the coffee cup of India for this reason. When you visit Coorg, the first thing that catches your eyes is the greenery! The people of Kodagu or Coorg are nature lovers and also believe in nature worship. This has enabled Coorg to retain its green cover to a great extent. The Coorg coffee grown in such an environment is definitely blessed too! In several of the coffee estates across Coorg, native trees, both fruit bearing and flowering trees, co-exist. This along with the presence of the colorful fauna and the natural co-inhabitants such as bees, ensure a rich bio-diversity in the coffee estates of Coorg. All these factors definitely have an influence on the coffee grown in these estates, making Coorg coffee the best among the varieties of coffee available in India.


PAPUTT is one of the easiest Coorg dishes that can be cooked in no time! It can be your Breakfast, Lunch or even Dinner. It can be your saviour when you have guests arriving at a short notice! Paputt with Egg Curry Ingredients required are minimum. Paputt Thari ( Broken Rice), Milk (from which the name of the dish is derived; Pal+Putt ) used in 1:2 ratio,  and Freshly Grated Coconut. It is best paired with Coorg Chicken/Mutton/Egg Curry. Vegetarians can also enjoy this dish with any of the coconut based curries like Green peas or Chick peas curry, or with Coconut/Groundnut chutney. Kids love it with Honey and Ghee! Recipe Prep Time:35 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes Servings: 4 Ingredients: Broken Rice or Paputt Thari ( buy it here ) 1 cup Milk*2 cups Freshly Grated coconut 1/2 cup Salt for taste #Powdered Cardamom (optional), a pinch (for aroma) Other items required Steamer** Steel plates/tray (used for idlis/dhokla) Method: Grease 4 plates***( see note)

Kundl Kyamo Lyrics

Kundl Kyamo is a beautiful song written and sung by well known Kodava singer Boppanda Jeffrey Aiyappa. This song revolves around Choma , a hunter who wishes to have deer meat. While it was earlier common to go for hunting deers and boars, now it is prohibited in Coorg. However, our Choma , yearns for deer meat and goes hunting with his servant. What happened next is the gist of the song, Kundl Kyamo . Lyrics Purchase CD You can purchase this wonderful song CD @ coorgshoppe Click here to purchase today!

4th Successful Year!

4th Successful Year! At the start, even I didn't believe this passion of mine would last so long! Thanks to the support from my family and friends and mainly to all those who believed in this concept and bought the products, we are now 4 years old!  So many things learnt, so many improvements made and much more to learn and implement! Thanks again to all the well wishers and frequent buyers who really keep pushing me to give them the best and keep improving!

Coorg Kaapi

Introducing! All new packaging! CoorgShoppe's coffee will from now on be known as Coorg Kaapi . Same quality coffee in a branded package! Visit shop/food-products/ coorg-coffee-powder

Coorg Honey

Coorg honey now available on CoorgShoppe! Click the link below to place your order! coorg-honey-1028765