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Respecting Women This Women's Day

A late post! But better late than never!

Coorgshoppe shows its support to women by designing its logo in a unique way! We at CoorgShoppe are following the style of Google which expresses its messages through Doodle. Similarly we call ours 'Coodle'!

So we use this logo platform to celebrate with you different occasions that make us!

Here is the one designed for Women's Day. This will stay on for about a week!

Next one will be on the occasion of Ugadi! Wait and Watch!

5 New Coffee Blends on CoorgShoppe

Great News to all Coffee Lovers!!

5 new blends of Coffee have been added on our store!!

1. Pure Arabica - For all those who want to taste the best Arabica beans without chicory!
2. Pure Peaberry - Made from parchment beans, retaining the taste of coffee beans to the maximum
3. Arabica:Chicory - You want the best, but cant do without the bitterness of chicory. This is for you!
4. Peaberry:Chicory - Best parchment beans and a hint of chicory
5. Arabica:Robusta - Coffee beans all the way! In a 70:30 blend enjoy the magical taste!

Offering upto 30% discount as introductory offer!!

Click here to order