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Best way to recycle CDs/DVDs

Best Way to Recycle CDs/DVDs What do you do if you have many used/unused CDs/DVDs? One you can throw them to add up to the e-waste or you can create beautiful artforms on it and recycle them effectively!
This is what our artist Mr. Mahantesh decided to do. He has created beautiful artforms of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna on the DVDs. 

Lord Ganesha is everyone's favourite! With the Ganesha festival upclose. This can be a great gift to the ones you love!

The other one portrays Lord Krishna. Filled with mesmerising colors formed with felt pen and CD markers, its an artwork of a different level!

These can be bought online @ our Art&Craft Section of our online store CoorgShoppe. Click here to place an order for the same

Want more personalized gifting idea? Get these designs done on blank DVDs, copy/write your message to the DVD and send it to your clients/loved ones! Customisation can be done for bulk orders too! Get in touch with us today to know more. You can write to us at con…