Wednesday, 11 March 2015

5 New Coffee Blends on CoorgShoppe

Great News to all Coffee Lovers!!

5 new blends of Coffee have been added on our store!!

1. Pure Arabica - For all those who want to taste the best Arabica beans without chicory!
2. Pure Peaberry - Made from parchment beans, retaining the taste of coffee beans to the maximum
3. Arabica:Chicory - You want the best, but cant do without the bitterness of chicory. This is for you!
4. Peaberry:Chicory - Best parchment beans and a hint of chicory
5. Arabica:Robusta - Coffee beans all the way! In a 70:30 blend enjoy the magical taste!

Offering upto 30% discount as introductory offer!!

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